Dormancy During Drought

Dormancy of the Lawn During Drought Conditions


Don’t give up on your lawn just yet. It most likely is not dead, just dormant!


Dormancy is a process that grasses use to protect themselves from heat and drought.  This state is characterized by a complete interruption of growth along with brown grass blades. The grass blades are not as much of a concern, however, as the crown of the plant.


By entering dormancy, grasses are really protecting their crowns for future recovery.  Your lawn has the capability to recover once temperature and moisture conditions improve.  When heat and drought reach a certain level, there is no amount of water that is going to coax the grass out of dormancy.  Although it will not happen overnight or after one rainfall your lawn will recover naturally.


  Now is the time to think about fall aeration and overseeding.  Go Green    CLC uses a turf type tall fescue that has increased drought tolerance.      Aeration will aid in recovery by allowing an increase in moisture,                oxygen to the rootzone, relieving soil compaction from the drought,          and proper nutrient cycling.  If you are interested in this service, please    contact the office via email or phone (717) 718-5690 to schedule Fall      Aeration & Overseeding.