Roughstalk Bluegrass

Roughstalk Bluegrass - What is it?

Roughstalk Bluegrass will stay green during the winter months and has been apparent in some lawns this early spring.  This perennial grass has rougher, finer blades, containing fine hairs and a lighter green color.  This what makes it an unwanted grass in your lawn!        


Roughstalk Bluegrass prefers and spreads quickly in semi-shady conditions in compacted, poorly drained, moist soils.  This past winter was perfect conditions for this grass!  Although once established, it will spread to sunnier, drier locations. This unfavorable grass also tends to die out during the heat of summer months leaving thin areas in the turf before re-growing in the coooler fall season.  The higher temperatures combined with foot traffic often make a patch of roughstalk bluegrass look like a turf disease or grub damaged lawn. 


 Most turfgrasses are difficult to control within a stand of healthy favorable turfgrass. Therefore, turf managers should always select clean seed (blue tag certified) for establishment.  It is noted that homeowners should use proper mowing heights for their location to maintain a dense actively growing,  desired  turf.


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