Nutsedge Weed Control with a Trusted Company



Weed control is an essential aspect of lawn care that involves managing unwanted plants that compete with grass for nutrients, water, and sunlight; with nutsedges being the most problematic eye sore to control.  The market does not provide a one hit wonder to kill the plant and its accompanying counter parts.  Nutsedge grows best in hot temperatures.  It loves wet/drainage areas but can thrive in hot, dry conditions as well.  Understanding the biology of the plant and left untreated can grow into 1900 plants and 7000 tubers in a 6’ diameter. Pulling nutsedge is not the answer as it will increase the number of tubers that give rise to new plants. Yellow nutsedge produce tubers which intern grow nutlets that resemble small “flower bulbs”.  Timing of applications must be coordinated with proper weather patterns & mowing techniques due to its aggressive nature, extensive underground systems, as well as the temperatures, it loves to grow in.  Keeping Nutsedge populations out of landscape areas is also a critical piece to keeping populations under control in the lawn.  Within Go Green's programs we do cover 5% to 10% of the lawn that has this invasive plant, but lawns with heavy infestations need a more aggressive active ingredient that works through the soil as well as the plant.  Having both modes of action give us a better chance of getting this nuisance plant under control and could take a couple of years to get the results we desire.